Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) is a digital platform to reduce your dispute. We aim to reduce footprints in the Pakistani courts.

PKODR is located at Anum Estate Building, Suite #611, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi 75400, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Mediation is a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a trained neutral mediator actively assists people and/or organisations to work towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute. Both parties are in an ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.

Mediation can be a far more effective and much cheaper way of resolving issues than going through the courts.

  • Successfulness – In general 80% cases are resolved by mediation.
  • Turn Around Time – formal mediation can be done in three days.
  • Economical – compared with court’s fee, lawyer’s fee, document fee; mediation is less expensive way of resolving disputes.

Sometimes a third independent person can resolve dispute. Mediation is the first step to eradicate or reduce your dispute by consulting with a professional trained mediator.
  • Courts actively encourage mediation.
  • Mediation is voluntary. However, refusal to mediate could mean that courts might award costs against you.
  • You can have mediation at any stage before or during court proceedings.
  • Your legal rights are unaffected. This means that if you can’t reach an agreement, you can still revert to court proceedings.
  • Mediation is confidential and 'without prejudice'. That means that nothing said in the mediation is admissible as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • Any settlement reached is legally binding once put into writing and signed by the parties.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how mediation works:
  • Relevant information is shared by each party and the mediator beforehand by uploading evidence documents.
  • All sides will meet for confidential chat sessions, both separately with the mediator and, by agreement, with each other.
  • Information shared with the mediator by each party is confidential and only disclosed to the other party by prior agreement.
  • The mediator’s role is to help find agreement. Mediator may help a party test the strength of a case in private and may suggest how a proposed solution might be received by the other party. However, mediator will never take sides.
  • Once a way forward has been reached, result is drawn up immediately and notified by email sent by support@pkodr.com.

PKODR aim is to reduce footprints in the Pakistani courts. We use technology to mediate. That way either claimant or defendant doesn’t have to travel, make calls, or pay any extra amount to resolve disputes. In general, courts have high cost associated with it.

Any civil or commercial complaints can be submitted by clicking on Submit Case on the top menu. A user has to login first and then submit the case. The direct link is https://www.pkodr.com/login.

Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) is in a for-profit business. We work with Disputed Amount when you submit your case.
  • To initiate a mediation; we only charge 10% initially.
  • If the mediation is failed, then we keep the 10% as an administrative charges.
  • If the mediation is successful, then the user will pay 90%.
  • There is no refund of any kind.

When it comes to the evidence we will ask you to provide things like:
  • Dates you first became aware of the issue or issues.
  • Confirmation of the date that you first raised the issue with the company.
  • Any copies of correspondence between you and the company. This can include emails, letters, webchat and SMS.
  • Any details of telephone calls you have had with the company. This can include, the dates, time, and the names of the people you spoke to.
  • Any other relevant information that you consider will assist in your complaint.

Yes, you can withdraw your case at any point. If you withdraw before the mediator’s results are announced, then 10% engagement fee will be refunded.

  • The information you provide when submitting a case;
  • The evidence submitted by the company in response to your claim;
  • All relevant laws and any relevant terms and conditions;
  • Whatever is most fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

A mediator will facilitate and manage the mediation. Mediator will share the mutually consented agreement /arrangement online and parties will be notified via email sent by support@pkodr.com.

A mediator will not discriminate against anyone because mediation is a process where parties have to decide. Mediators are highly trained professionals from world renowned institutes. The selection of mediators on PKODR’s panel comes from our advisors. PKODR believes in developing new talent, diversity, and transparency of selection.

Please email Case ID, Name of the mediator, and chat record; email us at support@pkodr.com.

Yes, you can. After submitting your case, you will be directed to the payment. You can select Bank Transfer. An invoice will be generated. You will be given Bank Transfer information in the invoice.