Disputes in Islamabad

Disputes in Islamabad

Islamabad is a capital of Pakistan. The first capital used to be Karachi. However, the capital shifted in early 1960s.

Islamabad is divided in several zones namely five. Each zone has different sectors. Since, Islamabad is a capital, there is also a diplomatic enclave.

  • Zone I – Urban Development and Government Institutions
  • Zone II – Urban Development
  • Zone III – Rural Development
  • Zone IV – Rural Development
  • Zone V – Rural Development

Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) aim is to reduce footprints in Pakistani courts. PKODR offers mediation services digitally online. If you have a dispute that you need to resolve; then PKODR can assist you either in removing the dispute or reduce the dispute.

PKODR is a not a rule of law. We are not a government. We are a private company that offers mediation as a service. If you have a dispute; you do not have to come to PKODR’s office. All you have to do is signup and submit your case. One of our professionally trained mediators can assist you online. Mediation takes three days to resolve.

As a human, we see conflicts from the birth till death. When a child is born, he is out of his comfort zone. This comfort zone is so precious to everyone that no one wants to come out of it. We come across with difficult people all the time. These difficult people are usually highly educated or even ignorant to other human matters.

Most of the time, the conflicts arises due to basic communication gap. This communication gap can be eliminated when humans give time to each other either by visiting, calling or simply listening. The basic idea of communication is one has to listen very carefully and then respond. When someone is communicating or trying to make their point; let them speak first. That way both parties know there the gap is and how to eradicate or reduce.