Commercial Disputes

Online Order Not Processed

Undelivered package and time wastage.

Online Order Product Not Acceptable

Issues with product quality and delivery.

Cloud Storage

Online Fintec/Cloud Storage/Online, Banking & Trade


Card Chargeback, duplicate charges, Unknown charges, etc.

Bank Loan

Small Business, Inter-bank Disputes, Lender Claims, Anti-Money Laundering, Asset Finance, Merger & Acquisition

Commercial Payment Issue

Non Payment, Late Payment, Failed to pay bill, broken terms

Claim against Professionals

Con Artists, Professional Negligence

Constructon & Development

Delays, Payment Issues, Surveying, Negligence, Material defects, Architectural Issues, etc.


Contractual & Commercial Disputes, Breach of Contract, Early Termination Fee

Debt Recovery

Debt Collection & Recovery, Unpaid Invoice, Credit Risk, Routinely Delaying Payments

Insolvency Disputes

Unpaid Debts, Business Closing, Financial Crisis, Capital Markets, Financial Restructuring

Business Partnership

Work Load Distribution, Capital Contributions, Compensation Distributions

Intellectual Property

Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Art Designs, Food Recipes

Property Disputes

Real Estate, Vacant Plots, Zoning Issues, Boundary Disputes, Ownership Disputes, Legal Heir

Product Liability

Non-Functional Product, Claim against Supplier, Damaged/Malfunction Product

Shareholder & Boardroom

Poor Personal Relationship, Dividends Level, Financial Dealings, Fiduciary Duties

Human Resources

Workplace conflicts, Ccommunication Gap, Unclarified Job Roles, Behavior Issues

Sexual Harassments

Female & Male Harassments, Inappropriate Touching, Non Verbal Conduct

Cross Border Commercial

Global Economic Environment, Joint Ventures, Alliances